GM Tech Analytics offers automated excel-based solutions using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for a range of processes in a variety of industries.

At GM Tech Analytics , we have recently developed an extremely user-friendly macro-based Excel tool that automates the entire GSTR2A Purchase reconciliation process. The tool has since been successfully installed in a number of companies including Redington India Limited, Craftsman Automation Limited, TamilNadu PetroProducts Limited, and many other domestic as well as international companies in India, apart from a number of CA firms.

About Us

At GM Tech Analytics , we specialize in offering excel-based automated solutions using VBA (Macros) for various industries and applications. GMTechAnalytics is managed by a qualified Chartered Accountant with vast experience in implementing automated financial solutions for both domestic and global Multi national companies . He has successfully developed various automated solutions using excel in companies like Rotork India Limited ( A UK based manufacturer with offices around the world ) , PPN Power Generating Company Private Limited ( one of the largest thermal power projects in South India ) and many other domestic and multi national companies, both large and small .

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Our Client Says

We have installed the automated GSTR2A tool with a number of global MNCs and reputed Indian companies , a few among which we give below:

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For further details concerning the tool, we can be reached at

We have created a channel in Youtube wherein a detailed presentation on the tool is available in this link
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